Tenda FH456 DHCP

Once Tenda router was not so familiar but now a days the company is making different designing and stylish wireless router. The price of the router is very cheap compare to any other top router manufacturing company and according to the performance Tenda router is considered as one of the best company. Tenda makes device for office and home. One of the most new router of Tenda is 300Mbps Wireless N Smart Router FH456. This router looks so stylish and modern. Do not think about price. The price of the router is $47 USD. You can use this router at your home or office. You can order Tenda Wireless 300Mbps N Smart Router FH456 from eBay store.
Installing and setup all settings are easy of Tenda 300Mbps Wireless N Smart Router FH456. It is better way if you read manual before working with the router. For setting the router, you need some information which you can get from the router manual. You need IP address, username and password which are, use “admin” as username and password, can learn more on 19216811router. If you have connected Tenda Wireless 300Mbps N Smart Router FH456 with the computer and give the power connection then you should move forward for setting.
Run the computer and open any web browser. Better you always choose the popular web browser like Mozilla, Chrome, Internet Explorer or Edge. Type the default IP address of Tenda Wireless 300Mbps N Smart Router FH456 which is and Press on the Enter button. A yellow screen will pop up and you need to put “admin” as username and password. You may choose your region from the drop down menu and click on the Login button. You will enter to the home screen and quick setup. Setup your internet connection and process by clicking the next button. The internet setting information may be taken from the ISP.
You should give the attention to the security settings of the Tenda Wireless 300Mbps N Smart Router FH456. That is why, you should change all common data which are available online. You should change router IP address, username and password. You can change IP address to or anything but make the change under the IP range which is 0 to 255. Now change username and you can keep any name you like and set a strong password by combination of numbers and alphabets. If the change are done then save it.
You should enhance the security and that is why you need to rename the network name (Remote SSID) which is available in the WISP. From the WISP section chose scan and select Tenda Wireless 300Mbps N Smart Router FH456 (Tenda ADSL) and click the next button. Choose WPA-PSK &WPA2-PSK from the security mode and click the next button one after another, click on the save button. The system may reboot for once.
Now you open your wireless device where you want to setup Wi-Fi. You need to search the router from the device. If you find the network name of the router then use username and password for login. I hope, shortly you will be connected with Wi-Fi network and enjoy wireless connection.

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Within this era of information technology, numerous different technologies have become a fundamental element of our everyday lives. First, input the inventions of television, radio and telephone and got the inventions of computers, web, VPN, etc. Alongside the creation of web, many interesting inventions made our lives cozy and very fast and came into being.

All of individuals utilizing private network connection constantly question that exactly what the IP address is and what’s the importance of due to their network connection? Essentially, an IP address is a series of numbers that form a sort of coded address. Or we may also say that the internet protocol address or an IP address is a group of numerics in a coded form which are assigned to every computing device that participates in the process of web communication. It’s the same as any official or residential address of any place.

As a way to send mail or any package to that place, you must send it on the right address. Likewise, you can just get your network if the IP is right. Essentially, IP address WOn’t be recognized outside that network and is used for networks that were private. There are just two things which should be considered about the IP addresses while utilizing the web.

If someone uses IP 192.168.l.l from his computer system at his house and office, no complication would appear.

This could make lots of complications, if someone got two network devices within the exact same network range.

This implies that just one networking device with this specific IP address ought to be utilized at one time.

Here are mentioned some details which will spell out the importance of IP 192.168.l.l:

The best characteristic of the IP is the fact that the stream of information within the network is precise and considerably more rapid.

This IP may be utilized by multiple users in the exact same time, remembering they do not belong to the same network.

Then the default option management page of router opens whether this IP address is input into the web browser and router’s settings may be obtained.

Any person who does not have any notion concerning the IP address of his private computer network can consistently establish to this IP address that was worldwide.

There additionally appear many issues as a result of this IP address when two distinct devices are place on an identical IP address when the IP address in the 2nd device is altered but these sorts of issues are worked out.